A proven effectiveness

We invest in research and measure the effectiveness of active ingredients through in vitro and in vivo (on volunteers) clinical tests carried out by independent laboratories. Our team of researchers develops and continually improves formulas, textures and complexes in the L’OCCITANE skincare products. The results of this research are patented

We have registered patents for:
Immortelle essential oil and its anti-aging properties (3 patents);
Cade essential oil and its fortifying and purifying properties;
Almond proteins, silicon and essential oils and their firming and contouring properties;
Almond proteins, silicon and essential oils and Apple extracts and their action on firmness, elasticity and skin texture.
Complex of Red Rice extracts with balancing, astringent, purifying and mattifying properties.

We test the effectiveness and tolerance of our products under medical supervision.
Tests on volunteers conducted by an independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Health, with a protocol and conclusions validated by a dermatologist.