For two years now, the almond has offered skin its firming, nourishing and softening properties in a complete body care line with effective and delicious formulas that combine oil, milk and almond proteins.

Today, for the first time in cosmetics, L'OCCITANE associates the almond with an extract of apple from Haute-Provence and organic apple cider vinegar. A symbol of health and well-being, the apple has long been recognized for its nutritional benefits. It now offers skin its cosmetic virtues, to tighten pores, smooth and protect the skin.

Designed for 25 to 35 year-old women, the Almond-Apple line contains 4 face care products, which beautify skin and help it to effectively protect itself against the 1st signs of ageing:

VELVET CONCENTRATE: Preserves skin's beauty
CLEANSING OIL: Gently removes make-up
TONING CIDER: Refreshes and refines pores
SWEET PEEL: Exfoliates and refines skin texture