Bergamot Tea

The refinement of Tea, the original character of Bergamot!


The most exquisite bergamot is grown in southern Italy, in Calabria.

Its peel contains an essential oil that is traditionally used in perfumery for its luminous freshness and distinctive radiance.

Black tea leaves are taken from the same plant as green tea, but they have a more intense aroma and retain their flavour for several years.


The combination of black tea and bergamot has given rise to some of the greatest fragrant teas, found throughout the world.

Now L’OCCITANE offers a new interpretation of bergamot tea with a fresh yet intense, limited-edition fragrance that will delight both men and women alike. 


L’OCCITANE celebrates the Grasse tradition of "bergamot boxes" through its new fragrant collection.


Among the traditional products from the French town of Grasse are "boîtes bergamote" (bergamot boxes) – a classic example of popular art from this famous town in the 18th century. 

The boxes were made from bergamot rind, which was shaped around a wooden mandrel (mould). Then the rind was painted with motifs, flowers, landscapes or romantic scenes before it was finally varnished. Boudoirs and dressing tables would be filled with these precious and very fragrant boxes, which were considered to be true works of art.


With products decorated in a style reminiscent of these precious objects, L’OCCITANE’s new fragrant collection pays homage to this Provençal tradition.



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