Cedar Eau de Parfum


The Middle Atlas region is the green oasis of Morocco. It is cedar forests which regulate the climate and water are it very lungs. Majestic and seemingly eternal, the thousand year old Atlas cedars diffuse their powerful, woody scent in the pure mountain air.

A fragrance inspired by the cedar forests of Morocco: the vibrant, luxurious freshness of the cedar forest and the green crispy scents of wood sap give the character of a noble essence.

L’Occitane’s Cedar Eau de Parfum was created by the perfumer Alexis Dadier. (He has also created many of L’Occitane’s other beautiful fragrances: Eau d’Azur and Eau du Val.)

Below you will find the olfactory pyramid for Cedar Eau de Parfum:

Head: Grapefruit, wood sap
Heart: Cumin, tobacco leaves
Base: Atlas cedar, Tonka beans