Eau de Cologne

Freshness encapsulated…

Fresh colognes remind you land of Provence, a popular summer destination, where you fall in love with refreshing drops of water from the local fountains, which were a model for their original bottles. L'Occitane celebrates the freshness, abundance and vitality of the countryside of Provence by three fresh Eau de Cologne.

Colognes history dates back to 1709 when the Italian perfume producer Giovanni Maria Farina made its citrus fragrance which he named Eau de Cologne to honor his hometown of Cologne. Since then, the popularity of fresce fragrances grew and in 60th of the twentieth century Cologne literally flooded the market. After year 2000 it is still very popular and truly luxury goods.

Across the landscape of Provence

Across the land of Provence, people will tell you that „l’Aigo es d’Oror“ it means "WATER IS GOLD"
Provence landscape is riddled with fountains, wells and wild rivers. Refreshing and soothing sound of crystal clear water illustrates the pleasant atmosphere of the sun-drenched days in Provence. In this landscape you can find the town of Aix-en-Provence - city 101 fountains. Its name comes from the Latin word «Aqua», meaning water, and reflects the fact that this has always been a city of thermal springs. Aix-en-Provence can be visited from one fountain to the next. In the last century, it was home to 101 fountains. Today, there are at least 30 to be seen. At L’OCCITANE, we have a special fondness for the rdest of them all: the Espéluque fountain. Imagine how many hands must have sought its freshness, how many secrets must have been whispered in its presence! To find it, seek out the ancient Place de l’Archevęché, in the Saint-Sauveur quarter of the city.