Natural Mineral Sun Care




L'Occitane do Brasil
Natural Mineral Sun Care

L'Occitane en Provence is always in search of natural and authentic products, and from the beginning, has been guided toward new horizons and by the visionary spirit of our founder Olivier Bussan.

Today, L'Occitane is moving even further down this path by continuing its story on another continent, South America. We are proud to introduce L'Occitane do Brasil, a brand that expresses the authenticity of a first natural sun care line made exclusively in Brazil. Experience the culture, values and traditions of Brazil - a culture enriched with potent, natural ingredients to protect the skin from the sun.

L'Occitane do Brasil's story begins in the North of Brazil, in the state of Para, where abundant ingredients are harvested, and ends in the South, in the Sao Paolo region, where all our products are processed. From the harvest of generous ingredients in the state of Pará by local communities (within a sustainable relationship respecting the region's biodiversity) until the creation of the packaging, the formula, the actual products… everything was manufactured in Brazil!


Natural Sun Protection with organic Buriti

In Brazilian indigenous language, "Buri-ti" means "tree of life". From this palm tree's fruit, a sunny-coloured oil is extracted, which contains a high concentration of antioxidant beta-carotene, 3 times more than a carrot! It efficiently protects skin from photo-aging and dehydration. It is this USDA-certified organic oil which is used in all the protective products, combined with a new generation of 100% mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide micronized and micro-dispersed) for an homogeneous, efficient and pleasurable protection.


After Sun with organic Cupuaçu

Cupuaçu is an exotic fruit from the cocoa family, which botanic name “Theobroma” means “Food of the Gods”. Inside the pulp, the seeds contain a vegetable butter of premium quality. Thanks to its hydrating power, capable of absorbing more than 4 times its volume of water, Cupuaçu is an ideal ingredient to intensely hydrate skin and regenerate it after sun exposure. In effect, it instantly soothes sunburn and help prolong your tan. Cupuaçu restores your skin's natural moisture and elasticity.

Sunless Tan with organic Castanha do Pará

From this highly nutritive nut (containing half the protein amount of an egg), a golden oil is extracted, packed with vitamins (A, B, C, E) and the anti-oxidant selenium. It is used in our 2 natural-looking self-tanning care to promote skin's health and radiance and ensure a long lasting hydration with a beautiful satiny finish.


The L'Occitane sun care difference

 Our 100% mineral sunscreen products guarantee a natural and efficient protection for the whole family's well being and pleasure, with delightful textures and the scent of a fabulous vacation:
• formulated with extracts of organic, controlled origin Brazilian fruits (Ecocert/USDA certified)
• contain no chemical filters, zinc oxide or alcohol, to be gentle to the skin (especially for children's sensitive skin)
• ensure a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection (natural, efficient and water-resistant)
• are tested by dermatologists (and ophthalmologists for specific face products)
• contain only natural colouring
• are perfumed with non-photosensitising fragrance

Why Are Mineral Sunscreens Better?

Ultra fine pigments of natural origin, they form an invisible shield on the surface of the skin that deflects the range of harmful rays (while chemical filters are molecules which absorb them into the skin) to ensure:
• a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
• an optimal skin tolerance (especially for children's sensitive skin) †
• an immediate protection upon applying to skin (provided by physical coverage)
• a photo-stability (the protection that does not diminish over time)


do not expose children under 3 to to sun