The True Story...

"I have looked for him in the smell of freshly cut plants, in the memory of the distillers gestures and in the beauty of the alchemy that goes with them. Lavender is distilled in Provence in big copper stills, these are passed on from father to son, and the powerful scent of freshly cut lavender mixes with the peppery and nutmeg scents of burning wood. In this, I recognize my Provence, its fierceness, its mysteries, its light. It’s this whole world of scents and colors that I reproduced in L’Occitan."

Olivier Baussan

L’Eau de L’Occitan portrays the spirit and the identity of L’OCCITANE.


Did you know?

L’Occitan (Oc language) was the language spoken in Occitanie, region that went from the south-west to the south-east of France; in opposition to the Oïl language, spoken above the Loire. The inhabitants of Occitanie were well-known for their hospitality and their tolerance.