Red Rice

red rice
Discovered by the Griotto family in 1982, at the foot of the Montmajour Abbey in Camargue, Red Rice is a naturally coloured whole grain rice. Red Rice has exceptional nutritional properties and plays a key role in a balanced diet.

Red rice is a whole grain rice renowned for its delicious flavour and excellent benefits for health. Its red coloring is the result of natural pigments. We have adapted every part of the plant to offer healthy benefits for the skin.

In order to produce a pure rice, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and to preserve the fragile Camargue ecosystem, the Griotto family chose to use organic methods.

L’OCCITANE has developed exclusive active ingredients from this organic Red Rice from Camargue to meet the specific needs of combination and oily skin. Brought together in a complex with patented effectiveness, they mattify the skin and restore its balance.