For its new 2010 men's range, L'OCCITANE has drawn upon a completely new source of inspiration: an extraordinary valley, with a rare and protected, rich natural environment that is home to over 2,200 plant species. Its name: the VERDON valley. A spectacular sight in Haute-Provence, the Verdon river has carved out an exceptional natural environment, offering a unique setting for outdoor activities.
Sea-buckthorn, genepi, mint and spring water are brought together in ultra-fresh formulas for men, to capture the invigorating sensations of outdoor water sports!


" It was important for me to respect the plant's purity and authenticity so I chose organic growing! " -- Eric François, genepi grower in Vars, in the Hautes-Alpes
The three organic ingredients of the range come from Haute-Provence:
Peppermint, comes from the Forcalquier region Sea-buckthorn is harvested in the Drac Valley by Mr & Mrs Reynier, who have been sea-buckthorn growers for 30 years Genepi is cultivated by Eric François passionate for plants, settled in Vars at an altitude of 2000 meters 

Did you know?
The new Verdon range was created in accordance with L'OCCITANE's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.
Both the plastic and glass bottles are made from 100% recycled bottles (and there are no boxes) They are filled with screw-on caps and pumps, which can be removed from the bottles before recycling The labels are made from the same material as the bottles (PET), so as not to hinder the recycling process 

Patented effectiveness
L'OCCITANE has developed a patented complex of active ingredients that work together in synergy. Organic ingredients from Haute-Provence provide the perfect response to the specific needs of men's skin.
• Thirst-quenching: sea-buckthorn water leaves skin feeling incredibly comfortable 
• Energizing: sea-buckthorn oil gives the skin an invigorating boost and a healthy glow 
• Protective: genepi extract strengthens the skin's resistance to harsh environmental conditions, to protect its youth 
• Purifying: peppermint essential oil, combined with zinc, leaves skin matte and perfectly clear