The True Story…

The secrets of Vetyver are deeply rooted into the ground. Men from oriental Mediterranean plunge their roots in water and perfume themselves with it before nuptial and festive ceremonies.

"I love wearing the deep, woody Vetyver fragrance,  memories of my trips to the East, where traditionally the roots are plaited and humidified in order to diffuse their refreshing scent"

Olivier Baussan, founder of L'OCCITANE. 

Did you know?

  • Native to India, this plant is extremely present in tropical areas. After distillation, the vetyver root gives a very thick resin-based essence that we use in perfumery. The vetyver essence belongs to the woody olfactory family. It is an essence carrying a fine and complex scent: woody, aromatic, green and sometimes smoky.
  • When cut, the vetyver stems are widely used in traditional craft industry to make plaites and baskets. In a less regular manner, it can be used to make paper. After the stems have dried, vetyver can also be used as straw.