Naturalness is one of the most solid basics of my femininity, to which I insist. In my everyday life, in my behavior, and when it comes to taking care of my skin. In Provence, they took care of us. Local producers have their hearts and  souls in their most beautiful harvests - they put it in these little boxes to keep their know-how and quiality for our future! Merry Christmas!


Environmental protection has always been important to me , but since I have a daughter I pay more attention protecting Earth. I want her, her children, and many more generations to live happily here. For example, a part of our everyday live is collecting garbage selectively, we do not use a plastic bag when shopping, and we are trying to buy from companies whose environmental awareness is important. I believe that if my daughter sees this example, then it will be natural and as an adult it will be important for her to keep these values.


I always encourage my followers to make a change if they are not satisfied with something in their life - let this be in our inside or outside world! Through my own examples I want to show that with devotion and endurance, it is possible to achieve all the impossible dreams! I am proud of my community, I have recognized many strong women among them and I believe that this giftbox of high quality products will be more than just a gift for them, because those women's fates that are behind my package are all exemplary and motivating for our own lives which also enriches us spiritually!


Ten years ago, when I created a map designed for the blind as the theme of my thesis work, the schools were barely able to afford to buy a special map, so I promised myself that if I could develop a network with my blog, I would try to help the visually impaired again. Luckily, the time has come and I found a cooperative partner in the L'Occitane Foundation with whom I represent similar values, so in the month of vision we will be collecting donations to help preserve vision. I am delighted to be able to serve my charity purpose with my reputation as well.


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