Data Protection

PRIVACY POLICY of the website

The website (hereinafter referred to as „Website”) is operated by L'OCCITANE Central Europe s. r. o. Hungarian Branch Office (registered seat: 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3., registry number: 01-17-000343, privacy registry number: 01785-0001, hereinafter referred to as “Data Controller” or “L’OCCITANE”). The present statement (hereinafter referred to as „Statement”) contains the privacy policy of L’OCCITANE, regarding the control of all personal data, related to the operation of the Website.


1.                  Compliance with the relevant legal regulations

1.1. L’OCCITANE controls the personal data of the visitors and users confidentially and in compliance with the effective Hungarian legal regulations.


1.2. Our privacy policy complies with the effective Hungarian legal regulations and the main international recommendations, especially:


(i)                 Act CXII. of 2011, on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter referred to as: ”Privacy Act”). The meaning of the terms used in the present Statement is identical to the meaning of the terms used in paragraph 3 (Definitions) of the Privacy Act.

(ii)               Act VI. of 1988 on the proclamation of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data Strasbourg, 28.I.1981.

(iii)             Act CVIII. of 2001. on electronic commercial services and services related to informational society.

(iv)             Recommendations of Online Privacy Alliance


1.3. We reserve the right and we undertake commitment to amend our privacy policy and the present Statement in accordance with the effective legal regulations.


1.4. We give a notice on the Website to our visitors on any changes in our privacy policy, and we give a notice by e-mail to our users on any major changes in our privacy policy.


2.                  General principals of data control

2.1. All recorded personal data, regarding the operation of the Website, are controlled by L’OCCITANE as Data Controller. Through the process of data control, Data Controller assigns a data processor.


2.2. The purpose of data control regarding the Website, is that the Data Controller may regularly inform the registered users about the requested services in newsletter.


2.3. Data control is based on the voluntarily consent of the users. Personal data may only be used in connection with the services chosen by the user, and only within the borders of the consent given by the user. Data control complies with the above purposes during its whole process. The basis of data control is the consent of the users, based on the necessary information; such consent is given by the acceptance of the conditions of registry on the Website.


2.4. If any personal data are intended to be used for a different purpose, we give a notice by e-mail to the concerned users, who may decide whether they accept the usage of their personal data for such different purpose.


2.5. All personal data are stored on a Hungarian server and will not be forwarded to a data controller or data processor of a third country.


2.6. During our activity, we maintain the security of the personal data and the enforcement of the relevant regulations by technical, organizational and security provisions.


2.7. By using the newest hardware and software technology, Data Controller, data processor and the operator of the server network, keep the data safe from unauthorized access, modification, forwarding, publicizing, deleting or damaging (altogether referred to as „Data Safety”).


2.8. Personal data, controlled by Data Controller, may be revealed only to those employees of Data Controller who are bound to keep such personal data in confidentiality by their labour contract and/or the legal regulations regarding their employment.


2.9. The registered users and the visitors of the Website may at any time withdraw or restrict their consent to the control of their personal data, or – according to the regulations of the Privacy Act – may object against the control of their personal data by a postal letter sent to the registered seat of Data Controller, or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address


3.                  Registration

3.1. In order to deliver our newsletter and information about our products and services, we request our users to register on the Website. During the registration, we request our users to submit the following personal data:


(i)                 Name

(ii)               Address

(iii)             Phone number

(iv)             E-mail address

(v)               Date of birth


During the registration, we only request such data that is necessary and appropriate for reaching the purpose of the given service.


The registration on the Website is considered as a written consent to control the personal data of the concerned users.


3.2. The personal data, gathered during the registration, shall not be forwarded or made, by any other way available to any third party.


3.3. By registering, you give consent to the free storing and controlling of your personal data, in accordance with our privacy policy.

4.                  Links

4.1. On our Website you may find links that refer to other supplier’s website. We inform our visitors that such links redirect you to other supplier’s website.


4.2. We have no influence on such other supplier’s privacy policy is being in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. We recommend you to read carefully such other supplier’s privacy policy.


4.3. Our privacy policy, integrated in the present Statement, applies only for the websites operated by L'OCCITANE Central Europe s. r. o. Hungarian Branch Office.


5.                  Surveys, questionnaires, voting, prize games

5.1. From time to time, we may request our visitors and users to register their data by taking part in surveys, questionnaires, voting or prize games, all in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.


5.2. Taking part in such data gathering is always voluntarily; submitting data is always due to the voluntarily consent of the concerned visitors or users. Our visitors and users may always voluntarily decide whether they submit personal data (such as name and e-mail), or only statistical/demographical data (such as postal code or job).


5.3. The possible recording of e-mail addresses serves the purpose of avoiding multiple participation, so that every user may fill out the datasheet only once. The submitted e-mail address and other data are stored separately and serve only the above purposes. Your participation is controlled confidentially during the statistical evaluation, your personal data is not connected to your e-mail address.    

All data, gathered in the course of such surveys, questionnaires and voting, are used for improving the quality of our services, and are controlled in accordance with our privacy policy and the relevant legal regulations.  

Such data will not be connected with data originated from other sources. By the consent of the participants, such data may be forwarded to our business partners, such as the sponsors of prize games and surveys.


5.4. The details of data control of a specific voting, prize game or any other event, are included in the data control principals of such event.


6.                  Written notice, newsletters

6.1. During performing our services, we contact our users by e-mail.


6.2. Any commercial letters are sent only after the prior consent of our users, and in a clearly identifiable form.  

According to the relevant legal regulations, we register those persons who requested to receive commercial letters. We do not send any commercials to persons who are not registered in such registry. We do not hand over such registry to any third party.


6.3. All of our (news-) letters inform the recipients about the e-mail address and other contacts, where they can resign from such letters and commercials.


7.                  Shopping on the Website by credit card payment

7.1. During the online shopping on our Website, you may choose to pay by the listed credit cards.

7.2. We accept payment by the following credit cards:      


7.3. In the course of paying by credit card, we request the following data:


(i)       Number of the credit card

(ii)     Expiry date of the credit card

(iii)   Card security/card verification code of the credit card

(iv)   Issue number of the credit card (if such number exists)


7.4. The credit card is verified by Authenticated Payments Program (3D Secure). After the successful verification of the credit card, in order to verify your identity, the Website automatically redirects you to the website of the issuer of the credit card. After the successful verification on the website of the issuer of the credit card, you get automatically redirected to the Website in order to complete the payment procedure.


7.5. All data recorded in the course of credit card payment on our Website, are controlled in accordance with the present Statement. We have no influence on data control regarding the data recorded on the website of the credit card issuer, therefore we recommend you to read carefully the privacy policy of such credit card issuer.


8.                  Information and remedies

8.1. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us on the following e-mail address:


8.2. You may, at any time, request information about the control of your personal data. By your request, we give you detailed information about the controlled data, the purpose, the title, the term of data control, and our connected activity.

After receiving such request, the information is given within the shortest possible time, but at most within 30 days, in clear wording, by e-mail.


8.3. You may request the correction and - except the legally compulsory data control – the deleting of your personal data. We are obliged to delete your personal data in the following cases:

(i)                 if the data control is illegal

(ii)               by your request

(iii)             if the data are incomplete or incorrect, and such status cannot be corrected legally

(iv)             if the purpose of data control is ceased

(v)               by the order of the Court or the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information


8.4. According to the relevant legal regulations, you may object against the control of your personal data.

Such objection should be inquired within the shortest possible time, but at most within 15 days, and the result of the inquiry should be sent in writing. During the term of inquiry, data control is suspended.

If the objection is justified, data control (including further data recording and data transmission) will be terminated and all data will be locked up, furthermore, we will inform about the objection and the following steps all other parties to whom such data was previously transmitted, in order to act correspondingly with the objection.


8.5. If you do not accept our decision about your objection, you may start a court action within 30 days after receiving our decision.

The court shall hear such cases in priority proceedings. The action - by your request - may be brought before the tribunal in whose jurisdiction the registered seat of L'OCCITANE Central Europe s. r. o. Hungarian Branch Office is located, or in whose jurisdiction your home address or temporary residence is located.



Effective from the date: 2012.04.01.