Fondation L’OCCITANE

Preserving vision is among the main commitments of the L'OCCITANE Foundation. From 2006 to 2015, it helped more than 2 million blind people in the developing countries. Within the framework of 2018, autumn charity campaign, L'OCCITANE started a collaboration. Discover those people without whom this campaign would not have been created: thanks to the Hungarian blind children, the illustrator - molding their ideas into fabulous form -, as well as Hungary's number one blogger icon the donation gets to the best place. Last but not least, we are really thankful for You, that with purchasing this box, you support our work.
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"Ten years ago, when I created a map designed for the blind as the theme of my thesis work, the schools were barely able to afford to buy a special map, so I promised myself that if I could develop a network with my blog, I would try to help the visually impaired again. Luckily, the time has come and I found a cooperative partner in the L'Occitane Foundation with whom I represent similar values, so in the month of vision we will be collecting donations to help preserve vision. I am delighted to be able to serve my charity purpose with my reputation as well."


"It was a very grateful task and a special experience to work on this illustration. When the children got to know L'Occitaine's products, they gave impressively colorful, sometimes very touching descriptions. According to their sentiments, I have seen elements that are perceptible to all of us: the warmth of summer sunshine on our face, the pleasant breeze that brings the smell of flowers in the field, the feeling of childlike joy and carelessness. "


MVGYOSZ- Our Partner

The National Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired has been in the service of Hungarian sight impaired since 1918. Its mission is to reduce the vulnerability of blind and partially-sighted people to their everyday lives by reducing their human values and providing them with unique and niche services that meet their special needs due to lack of vision. All this is done through the centuries of professional experience of the organization and the strength of the people who want to interact with each other. With L'Occitane Foundation, we have the opportunity to organize glaucoma screening this year, highlighting the importance of prevention. 


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