As the editor of the Special maps for the blind, I consider it important to protect one of our most important senses - our eyes.
During my research, I faced truly how the ability to see is the most treasured sense. My goal is to get this map to as many school-age visually impaired children as possible, making it a little easier for them to learn and bring them closer to the world.
It was a great pleasure for me to get acquainted with the work of the L'Occitane Foundation for the Visually Impaired because with this problem I feel we do not care about everyday. I am happy that is also important for L'OCCITANE to preserve vision, so I am proud to associate with them in the fight for this good cause. Buying this gift box can not only spoil your loved ones with pampering moments, but you also support a responsible brand.


"It was a very grateful task and a special experience to work on this illustration. When the children got to know L'Occitaine's products, they gave impressively colorful, sometimes very touching descriptions. According to their sentiments, I have seen elements that are perceptible to all of us: the warmth of summer sunshine on our face, the pleasant breeze that brings the smell of flowers in the field, the feeling of childlike joy and carelessness. "


MVGYOSZ- Our Partner

The National Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired has been in the service of Hungarian sight impaired since 1918. Its mission is to reduce the vulnerability of blind and partially-sighted people to their everyday lives by reducing their human values and providing them with unique and niche services that meet their special needs due to lack of vision. All this is done through the centuries of professional experience of the organization and the strength of the people who want to interact with each other. With L'Occitane Foundation, we have the opportunity to organize glaucoma screening this year, highlighting the importance of prevention. 


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