Immortelle: Nature’s source of youth reveals new powers

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Meet the Immortelle Super Extract

A gentler alternative to synthetic retinol

This 100% natural origin ingredient helps to support skin structure and enhance skin volume whilst being gentler to skin.* Now included in selected Divine lines.

Divine cream, a star is relaunched

Cashmere for your skin

Our ICONIC Divine Cream’s cashmere-like texture is now enriched with Immortelle Super Extract.

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Visible results

Divine Eye Balm

Puffiness and dark circles are less visible.


Divine Youth Oil

Complexion looks more beautiful, radiant and evened-out.


Divine Cream

Skin feels denser and firmer and complexion looks more even.


Our spa experts recommend

Step 1: Divine Eye Balm

Eye area circling

Take a rice grain size worth of eye balm on your middle and ring fingers. Apply around the orbicular bone. Repeat 3 times.

Eye area tapping

Using all fingers, make gentle tapping gestures all around the eye area.

Eye area stroking

Place your ring and middle fingers on each side of the orbicular bone, stroke from inner to outer corner 3 times.

Step 2: Divine Youth Oil

Face contour roll on

Take 1-2 drops and apply evenly on your face twice. Then using your thumb and index fingers, gently pinch under your jawline and roll your skin up to your cheekbones. Repeat twice.

Cheeks & forehead Massage

Place both fists under your cheeks & gently lift up then hold for 5s, 3 times. Then place your fists on your forehead, pushing upwards, from center all over the forehead to the side. Repeat 3 times.

Final Facial Massage

Fold your indexes and with the back of these fingers, stroke your jawline simultaneously from inner to outer, and then repeat on your cheekbones and on your forehead. Repeat 3 times.


Step 3: Divine Cream

Face soothing

Put a bean size worth of cream on your palms and apply evenly on your face. Place both palms on your jawbone and deep slide from center to sides, then move upwards under your cheeks to eyebrows to forehead. Repeat twice.

Face pinching

Gently pinch the skin of your face using all of your fingers around the jawline and cheekbones.

Final Facial Massage

Fold your indexes and with the back of these fingers, stroke your jawline simultaneously from inner to outer, and then repeat on your cheekbones and on your forehead. Repeat 3 times.


Precious mask, designed for digital natives

Blue lights off, mask on!

Our Precious Overnight Mask helps protect and repair skin** to improve the visible effects of blue light overexposure.***

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Want to know more?

Mastering the art of extraction

Thanks to our plant extraction laboratory and more than four years of research, we harnessed two new Immortelle powers using free from synthetic solvent eco-extractions, using the co-product of previous distillations.

Immortelle keeps on giving

Immortelle is never short of surprises

Harnessing Immortelle's genius extracts

TWO NEW EXTRACTS AT L’OCCITANE: The Immortelle Super Extract helps to enhance skin volume and support skin structure, whilst the Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract associated with Immortelle Essential Oil helps protect your skin against the effects of blue light overexposure.****

*Consumer test on 53 women during 1 month.
**Skin oxidation - in vivo efficacy test on 21 volunteers over 15 days.
***Efficacy tests on SKIN RADIANCE and SKIN SMOOTHNESS (Efficacy test on 34 women over 4 weeks).
****Ingredient ex vivo test on skin oxidation under blue light overexposure.