Iris Pallida, Grasse’s Precious Blue Gold

Native to Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, the Iris Pallida has gradually acclimatized to the soil of Provence, especially around Grasse, where it’s become a valuable ingredient for making perfume.
By Mélissa Darré

Dressed in a transparent robe of blue silk, the Iris Pallida is a flower of rare beauty. With an intense and subtle odor exuded from its roots, this country style flower is the joy of perfumers, who snatch them up for a fortune. So it’s hardly surprising to see them flourish in Grasse, the French perfume capital, within Anne Dor’s plantation.

In 1999, this former veterinarian bought the Val d'Iris estate to concentrate on viticulture, a profession she fell in love with after taking an oenology course in Alsace. She also made the decision to, in parallel, pay tribute to the region’s traditional activity of horticulture.

So much so that today, the farming of the famous Iris Pallida holds no secrets for her. Like a veritable artisan, she endeavors to harvest, wash then slice the stems of this native Croatian plant, from which it is necessary to extract huge quantities of rhizomes to obtain just a few drops of its precious nectar.

Domaine du Val d'Iris
341 chemin de la Combe
83440 Seillans
Tel: +33 (0)4 94 76 97 66

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