For over 40 years, L'OCCITANE is inspired by nature and its protection is our priority.

This summer we are introducing a very special campaign - #MORETHANABRAND.
7 women who work for L'OCCITANE and use its cosmetics on daily basis and
Csilla Tatar - TV presenter and influencer, became Ambassadors of the campaign. The campaign reminds us of the natural aspects of daily beauty routine and of the sense of beauty which is reflected in our attitude towards the world, nature and other people. It is a wonderful opportunity to think about the commitments that we have towards our Planet. Our Ambassadors talk about their favorite cosmetics, why they chose them and what they are doing every day to support environmental protection as well as ecological activities and charities.


"It's important for me that ingredients in the products I buy are from an ecologial source."

Over 300 of the ingredients we use are derived from plant, and we give priority to these ingredient when creating our formulas. In one of our most loved products - Immortelle Reset serum  - we use immortelle, a flower that is sourced in Corsica in an ecological way.

"I'm astonished by the wild power of nature"

From the start, inspiring from nature has been L'OCCITANE's priority. HERBAE par L’OCCITANE - our new fragrance  was affected by diving into the heart of the wild and vibrant nature of Provence. 

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"In skincare, I prefer to use products with natural origin just like in my diet"

Our new lip care range is vegetarian friendly and made without silicone and animal derivate ingredients. Produced with the greatest care and cultivated by hand, fruits from the heart of Mediterranean basin are an amazing base for this natural collection. 

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"Nature is my home and I'd do anything to protect it."

Most of L'OCCITANE packaging is recyclable and we have a lot of eco-refills and plan to introduce even more. By 2025 100% of our bottles will be made of 100% recycled plastic.

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" I believe in the power and effectiveness of natural ingredients."

By using ingredients of natural origin, we also ensure a sustainable supply chain, whilst respecting the biodiversity of our planet. Nature is the greatest inspiration for L'OCCITANE. By observing it we learnt that oil from immortelle - the flower that never fades - has amazing anti-aging properties. 

"I'm a women and therefore I support women's independency"

Since 1982 L'OCCITANE has been building up a joint development partnership and a close, supportive relationship with women from Burkina Faso who are making shea butter for us. We strongly believe in gender equality and empowering women to achieve their goals. 

"I support those who are in need of help"

L'OCCITANE Foundation and UNICEF are launching a special charity product each year to support the partially sighted and blind.

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"The sufficient vitamin intake is important for my skin"

The new L'OCCITANE masks were inspired by the provencial fruits and herbals. Our masks are 100% complementary, free of silicon and minerals. 

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Women all over the world choose L'OCCITANE for their daily beauty routine not only because of the amazing properties of its cosmetics but also for the values that the brand represents
L'OCCITANE has 6 clear commitments, focused on protecting our precious planet and treating people with respect. Csilla, Viktória, Petra, Orsolya, Nikolett, Eszter, Annie és Viktória fully support those commitments.