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Rose Fragranced Water Burst of Vitality

This fragranced water is an invigorating floral and joyful cocktail that will give you an exhilarating feeling. A truly mood-lifting fragrance to wear alone or combine with the Rose Eau de Toilette, for a personalized signature scent. 
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This morning you woke up with this desire for a shot of energy. The Fragranced Water Burst of Vitality from the new Rose collection is a luminous fragrance whose fresh and citrus notes will give you the boost you were looking for. 

You can wear the Fragranced Water alone as a subtle perfume for the body or layer it over the Rose Eau de Toilette to reveal its complex personnality... and boost your mood of the day. 

This radiant floral is brightened by zesty tones of Blood Orange, while Rosa Centifolia floral water is enlivened by natural extracts of sunny Bergamot and Jasmine from the Mediterranean. An exquisite, exhilarating fragrant blend.  

Roses are so beautiful, blooming in the landscape of Provence. They’re central to Grasse, the perfume capital of southern France, as well as being key to our traditions and folklore. Our Rose collection includes fragrances, body care products and soothing hand creams, so you can carry a part of our history with you at all times. Rose


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