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New shape, new powers

In Immortelle Reset, Immortelle essential oil is encapsulated in micro-bubbles. Those little bubbles keep immortelle vertues through time. Immortelle essential oil knows for her anti-aging benefits and helps to protect against external agressions.

Sweet Marjoram

In Immortelle Reset, Marjoram extract helps reawaken and stimulate your skin. Together Immortelle and Marjoram have a synergic action on the skin (1+1=3).

So Fantastic!


Acmella Oleacera is known for its immediate smoothing action on the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles that could be caused by stress or fatigue.

Micro bubbles
of immortelle

We encapsulated Immortelle into more than 3000 micro bubbles, which we enriched with Immortelle essential oil to reinforce its’ anti-ageing properties. The result is a transparent watery Serum that brings comfort to the skin.




From the seed...





What does immortelle
bring to Immortelle Precious?

As we saw, the Immortelle essential oil is known for its many properties, like antioxidant power. But to always go further, our scientists thought of using these powers to contribute to speeding your skin’s natural renewal cycle — this means your skin stays in action.

Welcome to...
New Hyaluronic acid!

Naturally present in your skin to keep it plump & moisturized, Hyaluronic Acid is fundamental for skin structure but starts to decay around your 30s.

Bring moisture &

Hyaluronic acid
combined with silicium
quite a pair...

Silicium is a fundamental mineral in the skin structure and acts as smart carrier for molecules including Hyaluronic Acid. It allows to improve HA penetration & fixation into skin. Together, we call them Dynamic Hyaluronic Acid!

Hyaluronic acid
Wow !

And because
your skin is precious...

We all know that a great texture is important. With Immortelle Precious, we provide your skin with velvety texture that our loyal consumers have loved to for years & years!









High concentration
More intense

Immortelle Divine harnesses the phenomenal anti-ageing power of immortelle essential oil — it has the highest concentration among all our products !

Let’s get deep

This supercharged formula helps tackle signs of skin ageing from your skin. Immortelle Divine will help to repair the damage caused by time, so your skin can be vibrant as long as you feel young.

And because
your skin is divine...

Indulge yourself with the cashmere-like Immortelle Divine Cream. Its light aromatic scent takes you through the warm scrubland of the Corsica, turning your skin care into self-care.