Yoga Brunch X L'Occitane

Yoga has been a great passion of Orsi Kolossváry for more than 8 years now. She tried it out by curiosity, but after 2 years of parciting she decited to be a yoga instructor herself. After successfully completing an international instructor training, and several complementary trainings, she felt that she shouldn't keep her passion to herself, thus, she created Yoga Brunch. Besides the conventional inside yoga classes now she hold outdoors and online classes as well.
If you are also interested in this relaxing, inspiring passion of hers, join the online classes on our Facebook profile that Orsi will be holding in the upcoming weeks! Namaste.

Yoga Brunch X L'OCCITANE box

Prepare your body and soul for the holidays with our special edition Yoga Brunch X L'OCCITANE box, and enjoy a FREE yoga class!

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